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Every patient interaction starts with a hand hygiene opportunity and an opportunity to visibly demonstrate a commitment to patient safety and quality-of-care.

Our System Components




BIOVIGIL Solution Features

Onboard chemical sensing
Real-Time entry/exit hand hygiene reminders
Cross Contamination intervention
Records in-room hand hygiene activity (additional WHO moments)Reassuring status indicator
Reassuring status indicator
Easy installation (battery operated; no wires/networking)
Works with all sanitizer/soap products & dispensers
Automated reports & in-depth analytics
Dynamic contact precaution protocol


How disruptive is the installation and maintenance of the system?

The BIOVIGIL system does NOT require any modifications to soap/sanitizer dispensers and does NOT require any building modifications, wiring, or IT integration. Most components of the system are battery operated and can be installed in five minutes per patient room. Maintenance (including battery changes) is included as part of BIOVIGIL’s comprehensive service offering.

How do I establish a ROI for BIOVIGIL?

The link between hand hygiene and reduced HAIs is well established. BIOVIGIL allows you to achieve and sustain exceptionally high levels of hand hygiene performance that have resulted in HAI reductions at BIOVIGIL clients.  The core BIOVIGIL value drivers are: 1) reduce unreimbursed cost-of-care and extended length-of-stay attributable to HAI complications; 2) avoid HAC penalties under the federal HAC reduction program; 3) improve performance under the federal Value-Based-Purchasing program; 4) automate your hand hygiene data collection & reporting. Contact BIOVIGIL for a customized ROI assessment for your facility and see the Resources link for more information and references regarding the BIOVIGIL value proposition.

What about cultural adoption and sustainability?

BIOVIGIL is a very tangible manifestation of a hospital’s commitment to patient safety that touches patients, family, and staff thousands of times every day. It is a natural fit for hospitals that have a strong patient safety and care-giver accountability culture or wish to improve in these important areas. BIOVIGIL does not unnecessarily impact workflow and is easy and intuitive to use on a routine basis as evidenced by thousands of daily users and many millions of hand hygiene opportunities and events captured by the BIOVIGIL system.  When implemented properly, BIOVIGIL routinely achieves and sustains entry/exit compliance rates of 95%+ all day, every day. BIOVIGIL is your partner in achieving and sustaining these results, from the initial implementation and throughout your entire service experience.

(for HAIs)

30% increase in hand hygiene can be estimated at $1.5M/year


85% of HAC score & 25% of Value Based Purchasing scores are driven by HAI rates

Make BIOVIGIL your hand hygiene partner.